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We are a specialised Channel Agent selling predominantly to the Onshore Chinese marketplace. When it suits the Developer we also sell Offshore. Our Director has over 20 years' experience selling projects in the Sydney marketplace and understand the complexities of the development process from approvals through to funding and construction. Our teams are the first power to sell House and Land Packages in Sydney. Golden Land Capital Group has been selling house and land packages for over ten years. Successful project results stem from developing an innovative strategic targeted marketing approach.
  • Target Agent Channel
  • Training & Service
  • Local Land Center
  • Great Relationships
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Expand to different languages, religions, races and professions.

In NSW, licensed agent numbers is over 40,000+ and we still have a huge space to dig

We will cover different language special agent since most of their country are new immigration, and these countries buyer are exact the buyer for our developing area

We will cover more referral channels like solicitors, conveyancers, accountants, immigration companies, immigration language schools, etc

Professional knowledge training and service to sales team

We will conduct routine training for all our sales team

We will prepare routine bus tour for all our sales team client to support marketing sales

Prepare all marketing materials to support ours teams to work in more efficient ways.

We're committed to growing individual skills and leadership qualities across our business

We prepare all after sales service

Establish a local land centre to meet local requirements

We will use proven lead generation systems to collect enquiries, like real estate/domain/we chat/local paper/local community/radio advertisement/bus advertisement/local social activities etc.

We will have highly experienced and knowledgeable key salespeople in the land centre to deliver all efficient enquiries. This will be very powerful if the centre coming to reputation (we have worked with Stockland Land Centre, Urban Land Centre, this is the only way they are selling the land and land amount size are all over thousands blocks).

We have strong relationship with the neighboring land centre, and network and a win-win model is always very important in our industry,

We will implement a strategy with a display builder to digest part of our stocks and also to support local communities wanting to build a home.

We will liaise with both the land centre and agent channel since we are the same group behind them. The land centre and agent channel to some extent are very strong competitors, we will be very careful to handle this part

Quality Home Builders to support our Package and Community

We have trusted and established relationships with the display village builders.

To support the house and land package part, we have a strong relationship with some Team 1 & Team 2 ranking builders, and they will support us to provide a variety of products. For house & land package part, we intend to make GLC like a grocery to let the agent choose the most suitable product for their clients and not only binding to any builders. For one agent, it is very hard to be that, and even for master agent, this is still a very new idea. But with GLC's long experience and relationships with different builders, we are confident we can handle them in this part. Meanwhile, all builders have their advantage or weakness, and clients can really choose what they want from agent. And this can accumulate agent channel sales speed and we are really practicing right now.

We also have some reputable builders who would like to build homes for land vendors and sell complete house to the market. This will be a very popular way in the future since existing houses always can attract some clients interest.

In the market, there are around 100 major builders and over 40,000+ licensed builders in NSW, we will dig this channel and network it can be the key in sales.

Overseas Market

Not only China, including India/Hong Kong/Singapore etc. GLC can design a good way for the investor to feel convenient to pay the funds, this will be the key to solving the overseas investor in this market

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  • No.1 team on selling House & Land package
  • 10 years' experience in the market
  • Abundant resources and inventory
  • Highly professional sales team
  • Rental guarantee
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